September 5, 2016

Supporting families in a new culture

Newly arrived families are accustomed to living, and parenting, in a different country with a different culture to ours in Australia. When they migrate to a new country, there are a range of challenges they might experience, not least of which is the difficulties involved in raising children in a new place.

Parents may question how their parenting style will be perceived in Australia, or wonder how they will ensure their children remember and embrace their cultural heritage. These questions and more have been addressed through our Parenting in a New Culture (PINC) program, which we’ve piloted with great success over the last few years. The program helps young families to adapt to an Australian lifestyle while at the same time embracing the culture of the country they migrated from.

We understand that parenting is a very personal thing –we all want to teach what we believe is right to our children. Through PINC, we address the sensitivities that surround different parenting styles and offer advice to parents navigating these unique challenges.

PINC aims to provide newly arrived families with appropriate resources to strengthen and support parents’ roles and experiences with their children. Without support, families can experience:

  • Difficulty understanding the Australian culture and way of life
  • Difficulty learning and speaking English
  • Lack of stability and cultural identity
  • Financial struggles due to unemployment/underemployment
  • Barriers to accessing basic services (Centrelink, Housing).

Spectrum’s parenting support workers help parents and their children by providing:

  • Culture-specific parenting orientation and skill development sessions for parents of pre-school aged children
  • Community information awareness and development sessions
  • Parenting support worker services for families in need
  • Support groups for families to share experiences and connect with other families
  • Extensive information resources available online in multiple languages.

We want newly arrived families to know they are not alone in their journey. Through PINC, families have access to culturally appropriate information, professional support as well as peer support groups all designed to help families to settle well in Australia. To find our more about the PINC program, visit the website or please contact us.