August 11, 2017

Spectrum goes nimble with hub, satellite & mobile approach

Spectrum is embracing nimble in their approach to service delivery across Melbourne with the announcement of a 2nd satellite office in Northcote, coming online, on Tuesday 15th August.

Spectrum just recently completed a significant move, consolidating its head office in the freshly custom renovated 5th floor of the Hume City Hub. Spectrum also continues to deliver programs and services from a satellite office at 161 Harvester Road, Sunshine, as it has done for the past 7 years.

The 2nd satellite office will be housed within the IntoWork flexible workspace, at 192 High Street, Northcote VIC 3070.

Driven by one of six core values, “Focus on the Client Experience”, Spectrum’s Hub and satellite offices are complemented by a culturally and linguistically diverse mobile workforce delivering services and programs in homes and facilities across Melbourne.

Spectrum CEO, Stelvio Vido says

“At Spectrum, we recognise that we need to organise ourselves for the benefit of our clients – not the other way round!   We go where the clients are to make it easier for them to meet our staff, access our services and experience our ‘feel at home’ approach”.

“Our homecare services couldn’t be more local – our homecare staff deliver services into the homes of our clients each day, every day. Aged and disability programs are delivered in the community and our homecare package case managers reach out to clients and their families where they live.

Spectrum’s commitment to being close to our clients is reflected in our very active office in Sunshine, our newly established office in Northcote and our recently expanded and enhanced office in Dallas. These office locations provide ready access for newly settled clients to receive the assistance and support they need and to access group programs. “

Delivering an array of services to enable people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to feel at home in Australia, Spectrum provides a full life cycle of support services. The broad suite of services and programs includes Aged and Disability services, as well as settlement programs and services to those newly arrived, family services, youth programs.

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Natalie Dillon

Marketing and Communications Manager

p. 0409 865 531


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