January 29, 2019

Headed to the Hills.

On a warm summer day, a bus beetled out of the Spectrum driveway, and headed to the hills. On board was 36 excited clients and carers ready to stretch their eyes, and have a little bit of fun.

The adventure commenced with a rather entertaining bus trip. The extremely humorous tour guide entertained the lively participants, highlighting points of interest along the Maroondah Highway.

First stop was Healesville Sanctuary for lunch, followed by the ‘Spirits of the Sky Show’. This spectacular show, held at Healesville’s world-renowned flight arena, showcases the Sanctuary’s majestic birds of prey and magnificent parrots as they show off the skill we envy and admire the most – their ability to fly. Afterwards our tour group, comprised of people from 10 cultural communities, had fun taking selfies with some very co-operative koalas.

At the next stop, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, everyone enjoyed treats that arguably speak all languages – chocolate and ice cream! Nestled in the picturesque Yarra Valley and combing a stunning showroom, chocolate production area and Café, our group enjoyed views over 40 acres of emerging orchard, landscaped gardens, sweeping lawns and reclaimed wetlands.

Throughout the day, there was a real sense of joyfulness and camaraderie. New friendships were formed and the smiles, laughter and happy chatter were constant. Spirits were high and they were all excited about upcoming trips!

This excursion was provided as part of Spectrum’s Support for Carers Program (SCP). The trips give dedicated carers an opportunity to enjoy a much-needed short break from their caring duties or an organised, hassle free day trip alongside their dependants without the usual planning involved. For those carer’s accompanied by their spouse, it gave them an opportunity to step outside their everyday caring roles and be a ‘partner’ for the day.

The excursion proved to be a real boost for the Spectrum team too. Receiving some excellent feedback from participants, Louise Mason, Spectrum’s Aged & Disability Program Officer noted, It was so nice to step out of the office for the day and just enjoy the experience. To laugh, have a meal together, and just to ‘be’”.

If you, or someone you know, who is caring for someone, would benefit from this kind of experience, please contact Louise Mason on (03) 9977-9022.

Photo credit: iStock.