April 23, 2019

Fresh air and sunshine creates connection, banishes isolation

Scientists have long known that both social isolation and feelings of loneliness can increase risk of illness and death in people.  And if, “looking forward to things, is half the pleasure of them” as LM Montgomery once said, then Spectrum’s adventurous excursion program, is multiplying the benefits of getting out and about. We are expanding the participants with every outing, and there is a growing buzz of expectation in between.

“Just spoke to dad. OMG he is having a fantastic time. I haven’t heard happiness in his voice for a long time. Thank you so much for encouraging Dad to attend.”

Spectrum’s early Autumn Adventure took place on Thursday 7th March when 32 clients and carers accompanied by 6 Spectrum staff members had a delightful sojourn to Williamstown and Southbank.

On what was unanimously described as a truly perfect day for an outing, our guests met in Preston to board the coach, and headed to Williamstown. Participants had the opportunity to wander around the pier, shops and the gardens near the bay. All appreciated the delightful sights and sounds the beautiful seaside suburb was able to offer.

A delicious Fish and Chippery lunch by the port spilled over into memory making with a group photo taken on the pier, before boarding the cruise boat headed for Southbank. The boat ride with its gentle breeze and view of clear blue skies was a smooth one. Upon disembarking from the boat, the group split into two. Group 1 took a gentle stroll through the Eureka Tower causeway and Group 2 past the Langham with both groups meandering back to the coach waiting on City Road to take them safely back to Preston.

The atmosphere as the party headed for home was relaxed and happy; an enjoyable day was had by all.  Participants expressed gratitude for Tour Guide, Joanne who was her usual engaging, informative self.  Arriving back to Spectrum’s Preston base, our adventurers disembarked and headed home for a good night’s sleep fuelled by fresh air and sunshine.


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