June 18, 2020

Successful Settlement Journey

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“Spectrum has given me hope that we will have a happy, free and secure life here in Australia.”

Ruth arrived in Australia in July 2019, with her husband and three children. In Ethiopia, Ruth and her husband, both being Engineers, successfully ran their own engineering firm, holding major road and rural infrastructure contracts with the Eritrean
Government. With political volatility and issues with ethnicity and religion, Ruth realised her family was in danger. After Ruth spent some time in prison because of her ethnicity, she realised that it was not safe to remain in Ethiopia.

Upon her arrival in Australia, Ruth was introduced to Spectrum and was assigned a Case Manager, Mark Abernethy and a Case
Worker, Ban Mohammed.
“Both Mark and Ban, have been so helpful with our settlement into the community. They have visited me at home, assisted me with navigating community programs, English classes and being part of the local child maternity program for my 10 month old. They have helped me with Medicare, accessing the dentist and provided invaluable support to my family and I.”

Spectrum recognises that employment is a cornerstone of settlement success, we are working together with Ruth to scope out suitable employment opportunities. This next part of Ruth’s settlement journey will enable her to continue her engineering career.

Ruth’s story is one of many that Spectrum is proud to be a part of. We continue to connect the newly arrived with services,
creating opportunities and pathways, assisting them to find the road to fulfilling their dreams of a successful settlement in