our purpose and values


Spectrum exists to enable people with migrant and refugee backgrounds to feel at home in Australia



Understand the Journey

We strive to understand our client’s journey. We take an interest in their story and try to see the world through their eyes. We value each person’s unique perspective and make decisions with empathy and compassion.

Be Different and Be One

Diversity is essential to who we are – we embrace our differences. We work as one team because this is the key to our success. We actively create a welcoming environment for each other and our communities.

Focus on the Client Experience

We put the client at the centre of everything we do. We focus on what we can do to help them feel at home. We seek feedback from clients and welcome the opportunity to improve. We know what great service feels like and work hard to deliver it.

See and Act with an Open Mind

We recognise that the world is changing and continuous transformation is now the norm. We choose to see the possibilities and respond with a positive attitude. We search for opportunities to improve and strive to overcome obstacles to change.

Create Tomorrow

We create tomorrow by being curious, creative and adventurous. We make sustainable choices, knowing the future is in our hands. We get involved in and contribute to activities that support Spectrum’s long-term success.

Co-Create to Thrive

We nurture our partnerships with all customers, clients and organisations – our goal is a win-win outcome for all. We believe in the wisdom of collaboration and see feedback from partners and each other.