Hammad – a Spectrum MRC volunteer

Education Support Tutor

Hammad involves himself in many extracurricular activities such as sport and leadership. As an avid tourist, his dream is to travel the world, immersing himself with different cultures and lifestyles while learning new skills and experiences.

Hammad volunteers with Spectrum’s Family Learning Program so he can help bring social change and assist kids through educational development programs. Volunteering allows Hammad to feel a sense of achievement by giving back to the community. It gives him a great deal of satisfaction to work alongside a remarkable team with the same goal and passion to improve student’s literacy, life skills, self-esteem and confidence which contribute to developing learning outcomes and improved student achievements.

“Volunteering is not only about helping but also making plenty of new friends and take in new experiences. Volunteering has allowed me to connect with different members of the community and form new friendships.”

Hammad said that choosing to volunteer with Spectrum MRC was an easy choice as we have similar goals and strive to work towards helping migrants and those who are newly arrived into settling into Australia. Knowing that Spectrum is a professional organisation that deal with the same passion as himself, it made us the perfect match; and knowing that he would be working with determined and committed members helped the cause. Hammad enjoys volunteering at Spectrum and is pleased with the amount of desire and commitment all the team members work with. Working in a professional environment with quality members has made it easy and exciting for Hammad to volunteer.

“It is great feeling to work towards a greater good with my new friends here at Spectrum.”