access and support

do you need a hand to find out about the services that could be available to you?

Spectrum offers a FREE Access and Support Service to frail older people and people with disabilities from migrant backgrounds , to help navigate the Home and Community Care System.


Spectrum can help you:

  • Contact My Aged Care
  • Contact an assessment service
  • Think about questions to ask during the assessment process
  • assist you in identifying and expressing your needs when you go through an initial assessmentUnderstand how the services work
  • Understand the steps involved to apply for a service
  • Find out if there are costs
  • Find out about what services may be available and how they can suit your needs and lifestyle
  • Think about how you would like the service to be provided
  • make referrals to other services on your behalf

contact us

For more information about this service:

CALL 1300 735 653   9am to 5pm.




Level 5, 61 Riggall Street
Dallas VIC 3047
(Reception is open from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday)

Please note that all correspondence for the Dallas Office is to be directed to:
Spectrum - PO Box 101, Dallas VIC 3047
Tel: 1300 735 653
Fax: (03) 9302 4048 or (03) 9484 7942


163 Harvester Road
Sunshine VIC 3020
(Reception is open from 9am - 3pm, Monday - Friday)
Tel: 9300 8600
Fax: (03) 9300 8650