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Support for Carers

Are you a carer?

You’re considered a carer if you provide care and support to someone with a disability, a medical condition, mental illness, or someone who is ageing and frail. Carers come from all walks of life – you might be a parent, partner, spouse, young person, child, other family member, friend, or neighbour.

Our support services are available to any carer, at any stage in their caregiving journey, providing the assistance and support you need, whenever you need it.

Understanding your role and challenges as a carer

Caring can be an incredibly rewarding experience and bring a great sense of fulfilment to the carer. However, caring for a loved one can also take you away from everyday activities that you would normally have time for. At Spectrum, we recognise these challenges and are committed to supporting carers in their vital role with our range of Carer Support Services.

Our commitment to carers

Spectrum values and celebrates every carer and their unique caring situation. We aim to provide you with additional support, making your caring role more manageable and less overwhelming.

Services We Offer

  • Day outings and social support: engage in community activities and outings, offering you a break and an opportunity to connect with others.
  • Respite support (in-home and out-of-home): reliable respite services to give you a much-needed break from your caregiving responsibilities.
  • Social Support Groups: social groups to connect carers and care recipients to the wider community, including Spectrum’s annual carer event.
  • Home assistance, including cleaning and gardening, to lighten your household tasks.
  • Carer refreshment activities: designed to rejuvenate and provide relaxation: Carer refreshment weekend away.
  • Assistance with navigating services: helping you understand and access various carer resources and advice effectively.
  • Support in returning to work: guidance and resources to help you balance caregiving with your professional aspirations.


Our unique approach:

Multilingual and Culturally Sensitive Support: Spectrum has a diverse team of multilingual support workers, ensuring that we match you with someone who understands your language and culture.

Efficient Assessment Process: Our Carer Wellbeing and Health Assessment is designed to be straightforward and time-efficient, respecting the value of your time.

Comprehensive Service Organisation: We take care of all the organising of services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible you must be an unpaid Carer. Eligibility includes carers who need support due to the intensity of their caregiving responsibilities.

Our services are designed for carers residing in Melbourne’s Local Government Areas (LGA’s) of Whittlesea, Hume, Darebin, Banyule, Nillumbik

Please contact us for a detailed assessment.

How to Refer

Referrals can be made by carers themselves, healthcare professionals, or community organisations. To refer, simply contact our team with your details and a brief description of your caregiving situation.

Once a referral is received, we will contact you to discuss your needs and arrange an assessment.

Contact us

For more information or to join our Support for Carers Programme, please call us at 1300 735 653 and ask to speak to the Family Caregiver Support team, or email


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