family intensive one to one support

offering personal support to families in crisis

Spectrum offers intensive one-to-one support to migrant families who are experiencing family conflict and intergenerational issues.

How it works

Our understanding, culturally matched case workers will make an assessment of your family’s needs and then place you into either a short intensive program, or a longer general program.

Intensive support program (short-term)

  • 6–8 week intervention (as negotiated with the family) with weekly home visits
  • Education around parenting in a new culture, family relationships, communication, conflict prevention and intergenerational issues
  • Practical strategies to improve communication and reduce conflict
  • Counselling and emotional support
  • Linking to community groups and other services
  • Transition to the general program (if needed)

General support program (medium- to long-term)

  • Fortnightly home visits or appointments with the family.
  • Practical strategies to reduce conflict, build parenting skills and improve communication and family relationships.
  • Linking to community groups and other services

More information

For more information, contact Spectrum Family Services on 03 9496 0200.



General Case Work

Medium to Long Term Support


  • Intake assessment
  • Case management planning assessment
  • Practical strategies to improve communication, parenting, family relationships, reduce conflict
  • Social support assessment and linking to community groups and other services as needed
  • Fortnightly home visits or appointments with clients/family

For more information contact Spectrum’s Family Services on (03) 9496 0200.