June 1, 2018

Creating tomorrow today means embracing change



Today, Spectrum has announced that Andrea McLeod, Chief Operating Officer at Spectrum will be leaving on Wednesday 13th June, 2018, to take up the newly created role of “Head of NDIS Transition” at Melbourne City Mission, reporting to the CEO”.


Organisations are often measured on their ability to attract and retain talent, however it is vital in rapidly changing times to recognise that our people are but custodians for a while.  It is one of the hallmarks of adaptability of organisations to have the right people at the right time, and this could be said of Andrea’s time at Spectrum.


Andrea came to Spectrum with a background in public health, community services, and disability, and had worked in a range of settings, including leadership roles, as Chief Operating Officer at the Royal NZ Plunket Society (NZ), and Executive General Manager Community Services at the RDNS (Australia).


During Andrea’s time with Spectrum she has overseen the entry into, and rapid growth of the Home Care Packages business, implementation of a significant overhaul of client management systems, transition to a single point of entry, the regeneration of the RTO, and re-invigoration of Spectrum’s commitment to embedding quality at every level and practice of the organisation.


Stelvio notes, “on behalf of the team at Spectrum we wish Andrea every success in her new role, and look forward to crossing paths in the future”.   Andrea speaks of her time with Spectrum, “the highlights for me have been working with Stelvio, and a capable, enthusiastic, dedicated Senior Leadership Team, and with passionate, fun, frontline staff.  Each day has been varied and together we have achieved significant change that has, and will, positively impact the organisation and the services Spectrum offers well into the future.”  She says of her new role, “It will be a challenging one, focused on service and organisation transformation and transition”.


The strength and depth of the Spectrum team will come to the fore in coming weeks.  Chief Growth Officer, Roxanne Strauss will be tasked as Acting CEO, upon Stelvio’s departure on June 8th, before Bernie Nott takes the helm on June 18th.  Roxanne and subsequently Bernie, will be enthusiastically supported by a passionate team of senior leaders and staff.  The Spectrum Senior Leadership Team brings depth and diversity of experience to all areas of business across Spectrum.  They are an innovative and driven group, who convert great intentions into tangible benefits every day.

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