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personalised, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive care in Melbourne’s North and North-West

  • Spectrum offers a range of Aged Care services to meet the unique needs of everyone, including: Cultural sensitivity and language support: our staff speak a variety of languages to help provide a comfortable and familiar atmosphere
  • Personalise home care support: our customised home care packages provide specific support, ensuring you get the right help, including personal care assistance. You can get assistance with cleaning, shopping, full-cost taxi cards, gardening, and personal care.
  • Respite care: we offer respite services and provide essential support and relief to families and carers.
  • In-home nursing and daily living support: we provide comprehensive in-home nursing and assistance with daily living, ensuring comfort and care in your home.
  • Social Support Groups and outings: Spectrum offers a variety of social support activities and outings, enabling clients to engage with their community and enjoy a socially active lifestyle.
  • Allied health services: Comprehensive Health Support with Home Care Funding.

Under your home care package, you can access allied health professionals. This includes massage therapists, dieticians, podiatrist physiotherapists and many more professionals to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

  • Tailored health care plans: These health professionals will collaborate with you to develop personalised care plans focusing on your health needs and goals.

Our unique approach to dementia and respite care

We provide specialised dementia care ensuring sensitive, compassionate, and appropriate support for individuals with dementia.

Getting Started with Spectrum:

The amount of service required will depend on your circumstances: The levels range from level one to level four.

[download pricing structure – 29% currently of Case management and package management fees]

Understanding Government Home Care Packages: Begin by getting assessed by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS).

[How to access Home Care Packages]

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