Community Support Program

Expression of Interest Section One: Your Details - Please enter your details below to see if you are eligible for the Community Support Program. If you are found to be eligible, a $275 AUD fee is required to submit a formal Expression of Interest. Once an Expression of Interest is lodged. We will contact you within 60 days to invite you to discuss your application.

What is the Community Support Program?

The Community Support Program enables families, individuals, communities and businesses to propose humanitarian visa applicants with employment prospects for resettlement in Australia.

Spectrum is approved by the Department of Home Affairs to provide migration assistance and settlement support that includes a pathway to achieving financial self-sufficiency within the first 12 months of being in Australia.

Who can apply?

Proposers can apply for the CSP if the applicants satisfy the following criteria:

  • all requirements to be granted a Global Special Humanitarian (subclass 202) visa
  • are aged between 18 and 50
  • have an offer of employment (or a pathway that leads to employment)
  • from a priority resettlement cohort, as determined by the Department of Home Affairs

What does Spectrum do?

Spectrum provides comprehensive migration and settlement support and assistance in finding employment within the first 12 months of arrival.

application phases

Expression of Interest

Initial screening for eligibility is completed by lodging an Expression of Interest.

Investment: $275 AUD (includes GST)

Assessment of Applicant & Proposer

In this second phase we will screen both the Applicant and the Proposer to ensure that both of you meet the criteria set out by the Department of Home Affairs. This includes as assessment of:
- The humanitarian claim of the Applicant;
- The employment prospects of the Applicant; and
- The financial capacity of the Proposer.

$4,400 AUD (includes GST)

Additional charges may apply, as follows:
Assessment of Applicant’s skills, qualifications and experience by VETASSESS to see if they meet Australian industry standards

Migration Assistance & Integration Plan

In the third phase, we offer migration advice and support through an experienced, registered migration agent to prepare and lodge the visa application. We will work with you to develop an individualised settlement and employment plan for the Applicant.

Investment: $5,500 AUD (includes GST)

Additional charges apply, as follows:
Government Visa Lodgement and Processing Fees
More information about visa costs can be found at


We will assist you with your travel requirements including booking flights, organising exit permits and greeting you at the airport.

Investment: $1,100 AUD (includes GST)

Additional charges apply, as follows:
Air travel and transit accommodation costs

Settlement & Employment Services

We will help you to settle in Australia by providing individualised support that includes all the necessary registrations, an orientation to your local neighbourhood, an introduction to local organisations and support to find accommodation. This will include the development of an individual Case Management Plan for you and your family, informed by the Humanitarian Settlement Program guidelines, to ensure your individualised needs are understood and met.

We will support you to find and maintain employment. This will include education programs to introduce you to the Australian workplace and to ensure you understand your rights and obligations as an employee in Australia. It will also include education about the Australian employment market, taxation, superannuation, etc. We will use our connections with training providers and employers and will work alongside you to enter the Australian workplace in a supported manner.

Settlement Support: $6,325 AUD (includes GST) + $5,000 AUD refundable bond upon visa grant

why choose spectrum?

Our people listen carefully, respectfully, and with empathy. This helps us to understand the things that are important to you, when services might need to change and when they need to stay the same.
We’ve been providing services to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds for 35 years. We understand that speaking your language is just the start of the conversation, but it is a great place to start!
We understand and value your culture, because it is ours too.
matching the right people
Our Care Team is committed to ensuring that you receive the services you need by a person who understands and respects you, your values, culture, traditions and concerns.
Our people live our values every day. They work for Spectrum because they want to serve the communities of their own cultural backgrounds.

How to get started today?

  1. In the Expression of Interest Form above, please write your own details as the “proposer”. Click Next.
  2. On the second page, please write the details of the person, “the applicant”, you want to propose. Click Next.
  3. On the third page, in the employment section, please give details of the job, skills, qualifications or experience the applicant did in their Country of Origin, and what job prospects they have in Australia.
  4. If the applicant is eligible for the program, you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay a lodgement fee of $275, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.
  5. If the applicant is not eligible, you will receive a message informing you of this. We will keep your information on file and contact you if the program criteria changes.
  1. በዚ ዝስዕብ ዘሎ ናይ ድሌት መግለጺ ቅጥዒ በጃኹም “ከም ሓሳብ ውሃቢ ምዃን” ዘለኻ ዝርዝር ሓበሬታ ምጽሓፍ። ንቐጻላይ ምጽቓጥ።
  2. በጃኹም ንምሕጋዝ ዝደሌኻዮ “ናይ ኣመልካቲ” ዝርዝር ሓበሬታ ኣብ ካልኣይ ገጺ ምጽሓፍ። ንቐጻላይ ምጽቓጥ።
  3. ኣብ ሳልሳይ ገጺ፤ ናይ ሥራሕን ሰራሕተኛ ኣብ ዝብሎ ክፍሊ በጃኹም እቲ ኣመልካቲ ኣብዝተወለደሉ ሃገር እንዳሃለዎ ንዝነበሮ ናይ ሥራሕ፤ ክዕለት፤ ሞያ ወይኻዓ ልምዲ ዝርዝር ኵነታ ብምግላጽ እሞ ኣውስትራሊያ ውሽጢ እንታይ ዓይነት ናይ ሥራሕ ዕድል ትጽቢት ከምዘለዎ ምግላጽ።
  4. እቲ ኣመልካቲ ነዚ ፕሮግራም ዝፍቐደሉ እንተኾይኑ፤ ነቲ ናይ ማመልከቻ ዋጋ $275 ዶላር ንምክፋል ንናትኻ ክሬዲት ካርዲ ዝርዝር መረዳእታ ንክተእትው ከምትሕተትን ከምኡ’ውን ቆፀሮ ንምድላው ነዘራርበኻ ኢና።
  5. እቲ ኣመልካቲ ነዚ ፕሮግራም ዘይፍቐደሉ እንተኾይኑ፤ እሞ ነዙይ መፍለጢ መልእኽቲ ይበጽሓካ እዩ። ንናትኻ መረዳእታ ኣብ ፋይል ውሽጢ ከትሓዝን እሞ ናይቲ ፕሮግራም ቕድመ ኵነታ እንተተቐይሩ ነፍልጠካ ኢና።
  1. ከዚህ በታች ባለው የፍላጎት መግለጫ ቅጽ ላይ እባክዎ “እንደ ሃሳብ አቅራቢ መሆንዎ” ዝርዝር መረጃዎን ይጻፉ። የሚቀጥለውን መጫን።
  2. እባክዎ እርስዎ ለመደገፍ የፈለጉትን “የአመልካች” ዝርዝር መረጃ በሁለተኛው ገጽ ላይ ይጻፉ። የሚቀጥለውን መጫን።
  3. በሶስተኛው ገጽ፤ የሥራና ሰራተኛ በሚለው ክፍል ላይ እባክዎን አመልካቾች በትውልድ አገራቸው በነበሩበት ጊዜ የነበራቸውን ሥራ፤ ችሎታ፤ ሙያ ወይም ልምድ ዝርዝሩን በመግለጽ ታዲያ አውስትራሊያ ውስጥ ምን ዓይነት የሥራ እድል እንዳላቸው መግለጽ።
  4. አመልካቹ ለዚህ ፕሮግራም የሚፈቀድለት ከሆነ፤ የማመልከቻ ክፍያን $275 ዶላር ለመክፈል የርስዎን ክሬዲት ካርድ ዝርዝር መረጃ እንዲያስገቡ እንደሚጠየቁና ቀጠሮ ለማቀናጀት እናነጋግርዎታለን።
  5. አመልካቹ ለፕሮግራም የማይፈቀድለት ከሆነ፤ ይህንን ለማሳወቅ መልእክት ይደርስዎታል። የርስዎን መረጃ በፋይል ላይ እናስቀምጣለን እንዲሁም የፕሮግራሙ ቅድመ ሁኔታ ከተቀየረ እናነጋግርዎታለን።
  1. في استمارة إبداء الرغبة أدناه، يرجى كتابة التفاصيل الخاصة بك بصفتك “كفيل”. انقر على التالي.
  2. في الصفحة الثانية، يرجى كتابة تفاصيل الشخص، “مقدم الطلب”، الذي ترغب في كفالته. انقر على التالي.
  3. في الصفحة الثالثة، في الجزء الخاص بالعمل، يرجى تقديم تفاصيل عن المھنة أو المھارات أو المؤھلات أو الخبرة
    التي حصل عليھا/اكتسبھا مقدم الطلب في بلده، وما ھي فرص العمل المرتقبة التي قد تتوفر له في أستراليا.
  4. التي حصل عليھا/اكتسبھا مقدم الطلب في بلده، وما ھي فرص العمل المرتقبة التي قد تتوفر له في أستراليا.
  5. إذا كان مقدم الطلب مؤھلاً للبرنامج، سيُطلب منك إدخال تفاصيل بطاقتك الائتمانية لدفع رسم تقديم الطلب وقدره 275 دولار، وسوف نتصل بك لحجز موعد للمقابلة.
  6. وإذا لم يكن مقدم الطلب مؤھلاً، فسوف تتلقى رسالة تخبرك بذلك. سوف نحتفظ بمعلوماتك في الملف ونتصل بك إذا تغيّرت معايير الأھلية للبرنامج.
  1. لطفا مشخصات مربوط به خودتان را درفورمه اظھاراشتياق خود بنويسد. بعد )Next( را کليک کنيد.
  2. در صفحه دوم، لطفا مشخصات شخص “متقاضی” را که ميخواھيد پيشنھاد دھيد را بنوسيد. بعد )Next( را کليک کنيد.
  3. در صفحه سوم، “بخش استخدام”، لطفا جزئيات مربوط به شغل، مھارتھا، تجارب متقاضی را در کشور مبدا و پلانھای شغلی او درآستراليا را بنويسيد.
  4. اگر متقاضی صلاحيت اين پروگرام را داشته باشد، ازشما خواسته خواھد شد که جزئيات کارت اعتباری خود را وارد نماييد وفيس ارائه درخواست به مبلغ 275 دالر را پرداخت کنيد و ما با شما درتماس ميشويم که يک
    قرارملاقات بگذاريم.
  5. اگر متقاضی استحقاق آنرا نداشته باشد، شما يک پيام دريافت خواھيد که آنرا به شما اطلاع بدھد. ما معلومات شما را دردوسيه نگه خواھيم داشت و ھرگاه معيارھای پروگرام تغييری کند با شما درتماس ميشويم.
  1. Veuillez saisir vos propres coordonnées en tant que « proposant » sur le formulaire d’expression d’intérêt ci‐dessous”. Cliquez sur Suivant.
  2. Sur la deuxième page, veuillez saisir les coordonnées de la personne que vous voulez proposez, « le candidat ». Cliquez sur Suivant.
  3. Sur la troisième page, dans la partie professionnelle, veuillez saisir des informations sur le poste, les compétences, les qualifications ou l’expérience du candidat dans son pays d’origine, et l’avenir professionnel qu’il ou elle a en Australie.
  4. Si le candidat est éligible pour le programme, il vous sera demandé de saisir vos coordonnées de carte de crédit afin de payer des frais de dossier de 275 $, et nous vous contacterons pour convenir d’un rendez‐vous.
  5. Si le candidat n’est pas éligible, vous recevrez un message pour vous en informer. Nous conserverons vos informations dans nos fichiers et nous vous contacterons si les critères du programme changent.
  1. Unkaa Fedhii Ibsachuu gadii kana irratti akka nama “Kaadhimaatti” (proposer) maqaa kee guutuu barreessi. Kan itti Aanuuf as Tuqi.
  2. Fuula itti aanu irratti, maqaa guutuu “nama iyyatee” ati kaadhimtee itti guuti. Kan itti Aanuuf as Tuqi.
  3. Fuula sadaffaa irratti, kutaa dhimma dalagaa gaafatu keessatti, hojii, ogummaa, beekumsa yokan muuxannoo iyyataan Biyya keessatti Dhalate keessatti qabuu, fi Australia keessatti maal hojjachuu akka fedhu guutummaa isaa ibsi.
  4. Iyyataan sagantaa kanaaf gahaa yoo tahe, gatii iyyannaa naqachuu yokna galfachuu kanaaf maallaqa $275 kafaluuf Kaardii Durs‐hidaa (Credit Card) kee akka guuttu gaafatamta, nutis baallama siif qindeessuuf si quunnamna.
  5. Iyyataan kanaaf gahaa miti yoo tahe, dhaamsa waan kana siif ibsu nu biraa argatta. Odeeffannoo kee galmee irratti qabannee yoo ulaagaan sagantichaa jijjiirameef
    si quunnamna.
  1. तलको चासो अिभ᳞िक्त (Expression of Interest) फारममा कृपया “पर्स्तावक” को रूपमा आफ्नै िववरण लेख्नुहोस्। अकᲃ (Next) िथच्नुहोस्।
  2. दोसर्ो पृ᳧मा, कृपया तपाइँलेपर्स्ताव गनर्लागेको ᳞िक्त, “आवेदक” को िववरण लेख्नुहोस्। अकᲃ (Next) िथच्नुहोस्।
  3. तेसर्ो पृ᳧मा, रोजगारी खण्डमा, कृपया आवेदकलेआफ्नो मूल दशमा े हािसल गरेको आफ्नो जािगर, दक्षता, योग्यताहरू वा अनुभवको िववरण िदनुहोस्र अ᳦िलयामा े कस्तो काम पाउनेसंभावना दखे ेको छ लेख्नुहोस।
  4. यिद आवेदकलेकायर्कर्मको लािग योग्य छ भने, तपाईंलाई आवेदन शुल्क बापत $275 ितनर्तपाईंको कर्ेिडट काडर्िववरणहरू भनर्लगाउनेछ, र हामी तपाइँलाई भेट्नेिमित तय गनर्सम्पकर्गनᱷछᲅ।
  5. यिद आवेदक योग्य छैन भने, तपाईंलेयसको जानकारी पर्ा᳙ गनुर्हुनेछ। हामी तपाईंको जानकारी फाइलमा राख्नेछᲅ र यिद कायर्कर्म मापदण्ड पिरवतर्न भएमा तपाइँलाई सम्पकर्गनᱷछᲅ।
  1. ေAာက္ပါ Expression of Interest (စိတ္ဝင္စားမႈကို ေဖာ္ျပခ်က္ ပံုစံ) တငြ ္ ေက်းဇူးျပဳ၍ “proposer” (Aဆိုျပဳသူ)Aျဖစ္ သင္၏ Aေသးစိတ္္Aခ်က္Aလက္မ်ားကို ေရးသြင္းပါ။ Next (ေနာက္ထပ္) ကို ႏွိပ္ပါ။
  2. သင္ Aဆိုျပဳလိုသူ “the applicant” (ေလွ်ာက္လႊာ႐ွင္) ၏ Aေသးစိတ္္Aခ်က္Aလက္မ်ားကို ဒုတိယစာမ်က္မွာတြင္ ေက်းဇူးျပဳ၍ ေရးသြင္းပါ။ Next (ေနာက္ထပ္) ကို ႏွိပ္ပါ။
  3. တတိယစာမ်က္ႏွာ႐ိွ Aလုပ္Aကိုင္ Aပိုင္းက႑တြင္ ေလွ်ာက္လႊာ႐ွင္က သူ၏ မူရင္းႏိုင္ငံ၌ လုပ္ကိုင္ခ့ေဲ သာAလုပ္၊ကၽြမ္းက်င္မႈမ်ား၊Aရည္Aခ်င္းမ်ားသို႔မဟုတ္Aေတ႕ြAႀကံဳမ်ား၏ Aေသးစိတ္္Aခ်က္Aလက္မ်ား ႏွင့္ သူ႔Aေနျဖင့္ ၾသစေၾတးလ်ားႏိုင္ငံတြင္ Aလုပ္Aကိုင္ရ႐ိွႏိုင္မည့္ AလားAလာမ်ားကို ေရးသြင္းပါ။
  4. Aကယ္၍ ေလွ်ာက္လႊာ႐ွင္သည္ AစီAစU္Aတြက္ Aရည္Aခ်င္းျပည့္မီမႈ႐ိွလွ်င္ ေလွ်ာက္လႊာတင္ခ ေဒၚလာ ၁၀၀ ေပးေဆာင္ဖို႔ သင့္Aေႂကြးကတ္ျပား၏ Aေသးစိတ္္Aခ်က္Aလက္မ်ားကို ျဖည့္စြက္ရန္ သင့္Aားေမးမည္ျဖစ္ၿပီးကၽြႏု္ပ္တို႔ကရက္ခ်ိန္းေပးရန္Aတကြ ္သင့္Aားဆက္သြယပ္ါမည္။
  5. Aကယ္၍ ေလွ်ာက္လႊာ႐ွင္က Aရည္Aခ်င္းျပည့္မီမႈ မ႐ိွလွ်င္ သင္သည္ သင့္Aား Aသိေပးသည့္ သတင္းစကားကို လက္ခံရ႐ိွပါလိမ့္မည္။ ကၽြႏု္ပ္တို႔သည္ သင္၏ Aခ်က္Aလက္မ်ားကို မွတ္တမ္းတင္ သိမ္းဆည္းထားမည္ျဖစ္ၿပီး AစီAစU္၏စံ ေျပာင္းလဲခ့လဲ ွ်င္ သင့္Aား ဆက္သြယ္ပါမည္။
  1. Kwenye Fomu ya Ufafanuzi ya Maslahi ya chini, tafadhali ingiza maelezo yako mwenyewe kama “mpendekezaji”. Bonyeza Ijayo.
  2. Kwenye ukurasa wa pili, tafadhali ingiza maelezo ya mtu, “mwombaji”, unataka kupendekeza. Bonyeza Ijayo.
  3. Kwenye ukurasa wa tatu, katika sehemu ya ajira, tafadhali fanya maelezo ya kazi, ujuzi, sifa au uzoefu aliyotaka kuomba katika nchi yao ya asili, na matarajio gani ya kazi waliyo nayo Australia.
  4.  Ikiwa mwombaji anastahiki programu hiyo, utaombwa kuweka maelezo yako ya kadi ya mkopo ili kulipa ada ya kulala ya $275, na tutawasiliana nawe kupanga mpangilio.
  5. Ikiwa mwombaji hastahiki, utapokea ujumbe unaokujulisha habari hii. Tutaweka maelezo yako kwenye faili na tutawasiliana na wewe ikiwa vigezo vya programu vinabadilika.