August 15, 2018

Be different and be one

The joy and richness of social cohesion is woven into society by the diversity we all bring.  For Australia, and for Spectrum, embracing difference, and celebrating it, draws us closer.  So much so that we have enshrined this sentiment in one of our core values: Be Different and Be One.

Today, 30% of Australia‚Äės population is overseas-born & 40% has one or both parents born overseas.¬†¬† Australia‚Äôs population is drawn from about 185 countries & over 200 languages are spoken at home.

For over 37 years, Spectrum has provided a whole of life suite of services to enable people of refugee and migrant backgrounds to feel at home in Australia.  Our team are proudly as culturally diverse as the clients we serve.

‚ÄúSpectrum joins with political, community and faith leaders in condemning the statements made by Senator Fraser Anning, and in particular the call to the end to Muslim immigration‚ÄĚ, says Bernie Nott, Spectrum CEO.

Mr. Nott notes, ‚ÄúSpectrum works with, and alongside people of many faiths, including those who identify as Muslim, and our collective experience is enhanced by everyone‚Äôs inclusion.¬† Freedom of religion, belief, conscience and thought are a human right, and we stand firm in our support of this.‚ÄĚ

Today, and every day, we call upon our fellow Australians to embrace our differences, and Be One.