August 20, 2021

A message from Spectrum about the situation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Flag Against City Blurred Background At Sunrise Backlight

Spectrum is following closely the crisis in Afghanistan and is in touch with the Department of Home Affairs and partner organisations as we respond to the unfolding situation, including preparing for new arrivals in the coming weeks.

For Community Support Program visa applicants – we are in touch with the Department and as always will contact you as soon as any new information comes to hand.

For enquiries about CSP/Humanitarian visas – please note that we are receiving a large volume of enquiries about refugee visas at the moment, and will respond to them as soon as possible.

Further useful information can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website by clicking here.

To everyone impacted by the crisis we are holding you in our thoughts. Spectrum is standing alongside our colleagues in advocating for a concerted and compassionate international response.