November 28, 2023

Celebrating Mohammed Yassin’s time with Spectrum

Collage of photos of Mohammed Yassin

Mohammed Yassin, Project Lead, Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships

Last week we said farewell to Mohammed Yassin, who for the last four years has held leadership roles in driving community engagement and strategic partnerships at Spectrum.

During his time at Spectrum, Mohammed was involved in many key projects including several funding submissions, and technology and business development projects. He has been instrumental in connecting Spectrum to communities – enhancing our partnerships and collaborations. Mohammed has also represented Spectrum at many conferences and forums.

More recently, Mohammed led the development of an Economic Inclusion Action Plan, which presents a collective impact framework to address the hurdles faced by migrants and refugees trying to achieve gainful employment. He also prepared Spectrum’s submission to the Australian Multicultural Framework Review 2023.

Mohammed’s deep knowledge of, and extensive networks in, the migrant and settlement sector have been valued immensely by Spectrum. His ability to think deeply about the issues, and his generosity to share his insights means that we have all been privileged to learn from him and grow our understanding.

Mohammed is a man of many talents: a technology enthusiast who brought a distinct flavour of modernity (and fun) to workshops and events, he is a keen and talented photographer, and he also makes a mean coffee.

He will be missed immensely by all at Spectrum – but we know that he will always be a part of the Spectrum family. We thank him for his contributions to Spectrum and we wish him well as he embarks on his next big project (or three). We also look forward to continuing to partner with him into the future. Thank you, Mohammed, for your passion and ongoing commitment to Spectrum.