complex case support

specialised support for refugees and people seeking asylum with exceptional needs.

Spectrum’s Complex Case Support program provides specialised support and case management services for refugees and asylum seekers with exceptional needs.

Who the program is for

It includes people and families with needs to do with:

  • disability
  • multiple or debilitating medical conditions
  • problems associated with experiences in refugee camps
  • family conflict
  • at-risk youth
  • severe torture and trauma
  • inability to access relevant services
  • severe and debilitating lack of understanding of Australian systems and services

How we can help

Here are the kinds of things the program can help with:

  • crisis intervention
  • managing housing, financial or legal issues
  • respite care
  • education services
  • mental health services (including torture and trauma services)
  • physical health services
  • services to assist with physical or intellectual disabilities
  • drug and alcohol abuse counselling
  • family relationship counselling
  • personal and grief counselling
  • family violence intervention
  • specialist child and youth services
  • holistic case coordination

 Using the program

To be eligible for Complex Case Support, a person or family must have arrived in Australia within the last five years, and must hold one of the following visas:

  • Refugee Visa – Subclass 200
  • In-Country Special Humanitarian Visa – Subclass 201
  • Global Special Humanitarian Visa – Subclass 202
  • Emergency Rescue Visa – Subclass 203
  • Woman at Risk Visa – Subclass 204
  • Protection Visa – Subclass 866
  • Temporary Protection Visa – Subclass 785
  • Temporary Humanitarian Stay Visa – Subclass 449
  • Temporary Humanitarian Concern Visa – Subclass 786
  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa – Subclass 790

At times, other visas holders facing exceptional circumstances may still be considered – please contact us even for cases that fall outside the above visa streams.

The application process

Anyone can refer an individual or family for Complex Case Support assessment, including the person requiring assistance, family members, community members, medical practitioners, teachers, social service providers or counsellors.

Once a referral has been assessed as eligible, Spectrum applies directly to the Department of Social Services for approval to provide support.

Making a referral

To make a referral fill in the Complex Case Support form and send it to

More information

If you’d like more information, need help completing the referral form or want to discuss the suitability of a referral, please contact Spectrum’s Complex Case Support program in Preston.


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