Holiday Period Update 2022-23

Holiday Period Update

Spectrum offices will be open on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of December 2022. 

We will be closed on all public holidays. We re-open on the 3rd of January, 2023. 

We wish you a good break and a Happy New Year.

For Aged and Disability Services, please contact MHSS at 1300735 653. 

The after-hours service will be operating from7.00 am to 3.00 pm on public holidays.

For HSP clients with urgent enquiries, please contact AMES On-Call on 0429 538 085.


Being COVIDSafe – How Spectrum is working with clients and visitors


We believe that no client, irrespective of their health or vaccination status, should be denied help or assistance where there is a clear need for urgent and critical intervention.

However, the service we provide to you or your family will be always guided by our COVIDSafe guidelines that apply to clients and our staff that assist you.

Plan your meetings with us if you can

Wherever possible, pre-arranged meetings will be organised with you and confirmation of your vaccination and health status assessed before your attend the office. So, if you can, please call before you come to visit us.

In the interests of safety, clients who are not fully vaccinated or unable to confirm their vaccination status will not be permitted to enter a Spectrum office or site. Alternative arrangements will be made however to provide the help you need remotely.

What if you can’t plan ahead for your visit to us?

When you arrive at a Spectrum site or office, you and anyone accompanying you will be asked for evidence of your vaccination status and screened with the standard health and Covid exposure questions at Reception on arrival.

If you show any signs of being unwell, we will ask you to leave and get tested.

You will also be advised that you will receive a phone call from a Spectrum Team Member to discuss how best to be of help to you.

Meeting with you in community facilities or public spaces (indoor and outdoor)

Spectrum staff and clients should always follow the CHO protocols for safe public interactions including mandatory mask wearing, social distancing and practising good hygiene.

The COVIDSafe plans for all venues (swimming pools, shopping centres, etc.) must be followed at all times. When providing services to our clients in a community space, local government or other facility, Spectrum staff and clients must comply with the COVIDSafe requirements associated with that site.


For guests…

As a guest to a Spectrum office site, you will advised beforehand or on arrival that Spectrum is an Authorised Employer and that it takes all steps required to maintain the safety and wellbeing of its Visitors, Clients and Staff. Guests will be advised that proof of their vaccination status or health status is required on entry.

Masks will be mandatory for all guests and staff irrespective of their vaccination or health status at the time.

If it is known in advance that you are not able to comply with any of these COVIDSafe requirements, a video meeting or alternative arrangements will be made with you.

For Couriers and Suppliers…

We ask that you maintain safe practices while on Spectrum sites. In additional to any general CHO directions for the public, Spectrum will require face masks to be always worn by visitors and safe distances maintained for the duration of their visit.

Spectrum thanks all clients and visitors to Spectrum sites for your co-operation and ongoing support of our initiatives to keep everyone COVIDSafe.

Updated  22/12/22