August 25, 2016

Settling in Australia

Beginning a new life in an unknown country can be daunting for newly arrived migrants and refugees. Apart from getting used to cultural and social differences, people can experience a lack of emotional and practical support to establish a happy life here in Australia.

At Spectrum we try to address this need by offering a range of supports to help migrants and refugees build capacity and feel at home in Australia through a range of settlement programs. Some of these are offered specifically to those who arrive in Australia with Humanitarian/Refugee or Family Stream visas. Others are offered beyond that category.

Our Hume Community Hub Project exists as a foundation for community development in Melbourne’s North. Hub events are also a great way of enhancing the general public’s understanding of the migrant journey. The project increases community participation and meets the needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Other Spectrum programs like Drive to Thrive, Refugee Action Program and a wide variety of settlement support groups give people the skills and confidence to settle into their new communities.

Under certain visa categories, our Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) program can offer structured support in line with the individual needs of clients. When a humanitarian settlement case involves multiple compounding factors, including mental health issues as a result of displacement, we offer Complex Case Support (CSS) to ensure those with exceptional needs receive the right level of care and advice to feel secure and comfortable in their new home country.

Across each of the Spectrum offices (Preston, Dallas and Sunshine), permanent residents under the Humanitarian program or Family Stream migrants with low levels of English can access general settlement support in a casual ‘drop-in’ setting. Appointments don’t need to be made for an initial drop-in session. Our emphasis is on making those we seek to support feel as welcome as possible.

For more information on our Settlement Services or to find out what support is available to you or your family members, please contact us.

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